Women’s working hours, depression and relationships: what are the risks?

We know that the working environment is not easy for anyone, and particularly not for new working mothers. A new study suggests in fact that mothers who are either under-employed or over-employed are at greater risk of depression. These findings come from work by researchers as part of the “Growing up in Ireland” project in […]


Emotional health and the older person

Several recent studies have shone a light on emotional issues for older people, particularly around depression, loneliness and bereavement. These studies have raised questions about the availability of counselling for older people. Researchers in Amsterdam have shown that depression can last longer in older people. Although treatment is known to be effective in older people, […]


How does perfectionism affect our emotional well-being?

Are our perfectionist tendencies a strength or a weakness? Or a mixture of the two? There is a natural tendency in most of us to want to be as good as we can be, or to do our best. We set high standards for ourselves and can be disappointed if we fall short. But when […]


Why don’t we talk to workmates about mental health issues?

Apparently, we would rather talk to our colleagues about relationship issues, money problems and even sex, before we would raise the issue of our mental health with them. That’s one of the findings from a survey of over 2000 adults by Time to Change, the mental health campaigning group. This suggests that mental health is […]


Men, work and their mental health

New research from Mind, the leading mental health charity shows that men are twice as likely to have mental health problems due to their job, compared to their problems outside of work. These are part of the findings which have come out Mind’s innovative Workplace Wellbeing Index, with data drawn from some 15000 members of […]


Therapy and the older person: relaxing the stiff upper lip

Is that stiff upper lip really helping you? Or is it masking feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety which you are bottling up inside? But bottles under too much pressure can explode, just as repressed feelings can, often in unpredictable or inappropriate ways. Stiff upper lips have been in the news again recently: GPs have […]


Is it harder for older people to get mental health care?

All mental health services across the UK are under strain, with rising demand across the generation. But a couple of recent reports suggest that access to mental health care is even harder for older people, leading to accusations of ageism. Depression affects 22% of men and 28% of women aged over 65 in England, but […]


Men more likely to experience work-related mental health problems

Mind, the leading mental health charity, has just reported on survey indicating that men are twice as likely to have mental health problems due to their job, compared to problems outside of work. One in three men (32%) attribute poor mental health to their job. That’s more than double the men (14%) who say it’s […]


The truth about eating disorders in older women

Mention anorexia or bulimia and most people will immediately think of teenagers, and probably of teenage girls. But new research shows eating disorders such as these are secretly blighting the lives of a large number of older women, perhaps 3% of them. That apparently small percentage translates into hundreds, if not thousands, of women across […]


Would counselling help me?

Would seeing a counsellor help me? Probably, yes. And almost certainly at some point in your life. Counselling is about change, and there are always things in our lives, feelings and relationships which we would like to be different for us. Seeing a counsellor can provide us with the space, time and security to talk […]


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