Is your manager supportive about depression?

A new study shows that workers with depression whose managers find ways to talk to them about their mental health issues take fewer days off as sick leave.

These conclusions come from a huge international study of 16,000 employees across 15 countries. They appear to show that in countries where managers tended to avoid talking to their team members about depression or offering support, employees took off 4 days more days off when unwell.

Maybe the best place to work in this sense would be Mexico: managers there were the most likely to offer help with depression. Japanese bosses came bottom of that league. Overall, Denmark had the most supportive managers, followed closely by those in UK.

It seems to be that where employers create a culture of avoiding the subject of depression their employees end up avoiding work when their depression is bad. And they may be less productive when they return.

We would all like to have supportive managers when we have emotional issues to deal with. But, if not, one option would be to turn to a qualified counsellor such as those in the East Sussex Counsellors group. Whether counselling in Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne or other parts of the county, they can provide a safe and confidential space to work through problems with depression or the other emotional issues which many of us can face from time to time.

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